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IMMI – Calculation of workplace noise made easy

IMMI allows for the calculation of noise in work places and supports room acoustic design according to DIN 18041

Calculation of workplace noise
Calculation of workplace noise

The physiological and psychological impairment caused by noise at the workplace is one of the biggest causes of occupational diseases. This makes it all the more important to plan measures for noise reduction already during the planning phase of workrooms.

Here you will be effectively supported by our indoor noise module which is available free of charge to all users with the standard version or higher. As an addition to the geometric sound propagation model, you get an easy-to-use tool for room acoustics design based on DIN 18041.

The IMMI Workplace Noise Module is your ideal choice to study and analyze noise distribution inside industrial halls using sound decay curves (SDC) according to VDI 3760. The module enables you to use IMMI to both calculate and assess planned noise control measures in halls and workplaces.